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Auroria's Collections contain Anima and Celebrity Artworks, which are free to use.
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Published on 28.04.2016 by Pim

Can you make a personal icon for me?
I tried asking you via email but I never gotten a reply back yet.
I've always wanted one from you though =(

Image= http://mesmerized.iceglow.net/pngs/sister1.png
Text= Pim

Reika answered:

God damn, so sorry for letting you wait for so long! :(
Thank you for the image. I'll create one or some more icons for you. You seem to love that character, right? :)
I'm trying to make some more updates for the future but I'm going through a stressfull time currently. I hope it'll calm down soon. I won't give up! :)
You will get some Sister Princess-Icons for the next update. And it won't take three months! DX
Lovely greets,
Reika :>


Published on 19.04.2016 by Lucien

Is ACP written fully in German, or is there an english version? I've always wanted to try it, but I don't speak a word of German.

Reika answered:

Hello cutie! =)
Well, the ACP by Isa is written in german but it's a very simple ACP. The user interface is in german but I'm sure you might handle it because most of the pages like the upload of graphics or answering quetions in the Ask & Answer-Area are understandable. It will take a short time to get along but I'm convinced that you can make it. There are no long texts or something else. Don't hestitate to ask for help. There are many people who are willed to help you. Me for example. =)
Just try it out! =)

"ACP Giveaway - Isa - Komplettpacket"


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